Corporate Social Responsibility inter alia to save the Environment (Paper)

  • Amarpal Singh, UPES Dehradun
  • October 28, 2020

Content :

The Companies Act, 2013 made it mandatory for companies to undertake Corporate Social Responsibility (hereinafter CSR) activities. However, this practice had been followed by the companies on voluntarily basis from time immemorial.
CSR is a concept where companies integrate their overall objectives with the social and environmental concerns in their business operations.  The Companies can significantly contribute to environment protection and sustainability as it is one of the activities that may be undertaken by the companies for their CSR projects. It is also way by which company can enhance their economic growth and competitiveness while contributing to the environment.
This article aims to analyze the elements of environment protection and sustainability under CSR. Also, discuss the various CSR initiatives taken up by the Indian companies to protect the environment. The methodology deployed for this article is doctrinal for which various such as articles, books and internet is referred