Gandhi and Human Rights (Paper)

  • Yajush Tripathi, GNLU, Gandhinagar
  • November 5, 2020

Content :

Today, more than ever the people of the world are aware of their rights. But still in this day and age too one of the major concerns we face as a society in the context of human rights is that we fail to recognize and respect the dignity of people. In this context Gandhiji\'s outlook towards human beings deserves great attention. To have fair understanding of the view Gandhi had of people, and respect he attached to that human personality, one would have to take into account his various activities and analyze them. Today, more than ever a comprehensive analysis as to the happenings should be made as it has been fifty years since his martyrdom. It must be known that whether people are acting true to his thesis or are merely dissipating themselves on only peripherals to the core of his struggle. In this research article, the relevance of Gandhian Perspective on human rights in the context of Global World will be examined with special emphasis on ongoing pandemic of corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and new insights on Gandhi’s ideals would be achieved. The methodology of the study would be historical and analytical while taking into consideration the present times.