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  • Admission in Vaious Courses at RRU
  • Law Courses at NFSU, Gandhinagar
  • Chintan Pathak & Associate
  • Kamendu Joshi
About ProBono India | ProBono India

About ProBono India

About ProBono India

Founded in October 2016 with an aim to integrate legal aid and awareness initiatives – ProBono India has ventured into different avenues viz. legal aid, legal awareness, legal intervention, legal journalism, legal activism etc. – all with the underlying objective of contributing to the positive development of the society with a strong socio-legal approach.

The activities at ProBono India include an active dissemination of legal information via the medium of its official website, rolling internship programmes for law students to help them develop a holistic personality with a socio-legal approach to their professional personality, interviews with eminent personalities working at the ground-level offering insights into their successful projects, providing a platform to promote and publish the art of research and legal writing, amongst many others.

The team of ProBono India works to promote legal activism as we believe that law and society are two sides of the same coin. Law and society are so inextricably interdependent that to both need to be equally improved in order to lead the world into the desired new order. We at ProBono India believe in a better and brighter tomorrow. We believe not just in being passengers on this drive to change – rather, we aim to drive towards the change.


Integrate Legal Aid and Legal Awareness Initiatives.


To provide the legal aid, conduct legal awareness activities, disseminate legal aid, legal awareness activities of various organizations of the world and conduct research on overall aspects of legal aid and legal awareness.


Followings are the objectives of the ProBono India

- Disseminate Legal Aid activities of various organization/institutions around the world and its best, innovative practices.

- Conducting legal aid activities/awareness programmes/workshops. Collaboration with various institutions, organizations, ngo for these activities.

- Research work on Socio-Legal Issues in India and in other country.

- Case Studies on different organizations/institutions involved in legal aid/awareness activities.

- Any other matter incidental thereto.