Prof. (Dr.) Shashikala Gurpur

- Fulbright Scholar, Director I SLS PUNE Dean I Faculty of Law, Symbiosis International University

ProBono India is manifestation of an adventurous and youthful spirit for quality legal education and justice system. Prof Kalpesh deserves kudos for such an intellectual entrepreneurship as a visionary. It combines many disciplines, many talents and addresses the much-needed gap in diversification of skills and content in legal education. We are honored to receive this award for the second consecutive term. The award symbolizes a quest for excellence, compassion for the disadvantaged and the innovation in use of creative media. ProBono India has grown superfast to be a platform of sought-after student research internships. Research outcome and creative socio legal expression. May this gather power to be the foremost learning forum. With much gratitude and appreciation

Padma Shri Prof. Anil K. Gupta

Founder, Honey Bee Network, SRISTI, GIAN & NIF Former Professor, IIMA, Visiting Faculty, IIMA -

It’s a very good effort to pool Court judgements on subjects of great interest to civil society, scholars, jurists etc. I wish this effort of ProBono India all The success

Dr. Mayuri Pandya

Director - GLS Law College

ProBono initiative started in India with the aim to provide legal aid and awareness to the needy. Subsequently, it ventured into legal journalism and legal activism. All aimed at ushering development of the society.
I congratulate Dr. Kalpeshkumar L Gupta for his unique ProBono initiative. I firmly believe under his able leadership, the new initiative will drive legal activism,  which will herald an informed society. 

Dr. Manoj Kumar Sinha

Director - Indian Law Institute, New Delhi

I have been following activities of Team ProBono India for last few years. They are doing commendable job in the field of legal aid and legal awareness by planning various programmes like internship programmes, Certificate Course on Legal Aid, research activities, webinars, workshops etc. Robust Legal Aid System in the country is the need of the hour and ProBono India is contributing significantly in this mission. I wish team all the very best for their all endeavours.


Dr. Anand Kumar Tripathi

Director I/c., School of Law, Humanities and Social Sciences (SLHSS) - Rashtriya Raksha University (an Institution of National Importance), Gandhinagar,

Pro Bono  India is the pressing need of the day and through this it has proved its worth by organizing various activities like legal start up, essay competition and internship program.
Great initiative.

Prof. Subir K Bhatnagar

Vice-Chancellor - RMLNLU, Lucknow

The ProBono India is an excellent project to institutionalize social action lawyering which would go a long way in serving the masses of our country. I wish a grand success to all the endeavours of ProBono India.

Anurag Deep

Associate Professor of Law - Indian Law Institute, New Delhi

You and your team is doing great service to the humanity by engaging yourself in legal aid and start up platform to needy people. The constitutional dream of access to justice remained unrealised because intellectuals, departments of academic institutions, and those who are "well to do" did not discharge their obligation in spirit, enshrined in the fundamental duty part. Prof Upendra Baxi also insists that we need citizen animated with part III and Part IV of the Constitution. You and Gujarat Law University has taken the lead and we all are proud of you. Though legal aid is also given in various institutes, legal start up is an innovation. 
We all congratulate you and the team and wish you all the best.

Dr. Sreenivasulu N.S

Professor - West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences

I am happy to note that Pro Bono India initiative intends to build the gap between the law and society. The interaction between law and society is very much essential as law is a social functionary. Social interactions and initiates have influenced the law making process in India. The Nirbhaya Act, Amendment to Information Technology Act, Copyright Act have been result of law and society interaction in the recent past. In this regard I wish and hope that Pro Bono initiatives would add much required fuel for smoothing the effective functioning of law in the society.