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Internship Experience with NGO – Devesh Khandelwal, Parul Institute of Law

Internship Experience with NGO – Devesh Khandelwal, Parul Institute of Law

Ethics “knows the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do”. If the whole society works for their own benefits then who will work for the benefits of the society. Kindness is the greatest thing which a person can give to someone in return of nothing in monetary terms but to see the happiness and satisfaction on others faces.

With everything that has happened in the past years due to a world pandemic it made me realize that I have everything that helps a good life while other people fail to meet the basic requirements and regardless of that situation, they’re getting up every day with happiness and a zeal to achieve new heights and goals. During those hard times I have seen people fail to fulfill their daily meals something as basic as food is what they have to worry about but still they have that hope after feeling that feeling of helplessness especially when you are away from your loved ones and they’re still surviving. 

I worked with some of my school friends in an NGO named JOURNEY OF YOUTH, where a group of approx 100 youth helps others arrange the medicines, injections; apart from that we arranged the food for the roadside people by our own money without raising a fund and tried to do our best with limited sum. We tried to do our best without anyone’s support.  Many people tried to criticize us and made fun of us in the name of gaining goodwill, they criticized us by saying “we are doing all this to get recognized by the media and our near ones”.  I can’t relate with the people who don’t do anything and are there just to mock others and criticize others who are willing to do something for other with a genuine kindness. We contacted the state legal service authority of Rajasthan (Jaipur) and other nearby cities if they needed any support during those times. Initially, they tried to ignore us considering to be doing this just for fun or it being some kind of publicity program, but then we sent them our work and what we had done in our city, they believed us and agreed to work together in these necessary times. I can happily say we helped hundreds of people in Rajasthan, later on we created a telegram channel and whatsapp group and expanded our work so that our services and help can reached to maximum people. Later on, we collaborated with famous NGO such as YOUTH AGAINST INJUSTICE FOUNDATION famously named as YAR (Youth against Rape) because they have their teams in each and every district and city of Rajasthan 
In return of all this we got was blessings from many families and that’s all we wanted from this little project of ours. While continuing this, we come across many incidents where hospitals and doctors did injustice with their work. Doctors who are considered or given the same amount of love and respect as our God are being the faces of devil by not helping the poor in this global pandemic. Famous hospital franchise name in Jaipur sells the covid injections in black just so their hospitals can earn that extra money also going as far as misinforming the patients’ family so they could earn extra cash. They at times have been found misrepresenting patients’ survival chances who they have kept in observation under ICU so that they can earn more fees. They fail to work according to their ethics and don’t abide to the laws disrespecting their profession.

Article 39 A talks about free legal aid but no one wants to work for it or provide it. Most of our population talks about the development and progress while having tea and reading the newspaper in the morning but no one wants to take the initiative and do better rather they just sit around and crib about the problems. Those who are ready to help or do something for better are always looked down or criticized. But, the ground reality and norms, in laws are totally different we can find everything that has been done by government in papers but in reality, when we go at ground level majority of population are not aware of their fundamental rights, legal rights and remedies they can avail. For an example, when a worker dies on construction site his family can claim compensation of 3 lakh rupees but the harsh reality is that no one is aware of it.

This gap can be reduced with the help of NGOs and Legal Services Authorities but again the bitter truth is no one wants to work with them, they focuses on other internships which will make their resumes good and higher profiled. 

While concluding I can urge the youth to think for others, you have a power and all facilities many of them don’t have anything so please whenever you get time work for others, you will get genuine happiness and a sense of satisfaction from your heart rather than being selfish and mocking others. Always remember that good work starts from home and we are no one to do wrong with others.
A good person is one who is ready to help others without any discrimination and expect nothing in return.